Discover the Soulful Markets of Mallorca

Embark on a joyful adventure through Mallorca’s vibrant markets, where the heart and soul of the island come alive. These bustling marketplaces are more than just shopping destinations—they’re cultural experiences that capture the essence of Mallorcan life. As you wander through stalls brimming with fresh produce, artisan crafts, and local delicacies, you’ll be immersed in the island’s rich traditions and friendly atmosphere.
Each market offers a unique opportunity to mingle with locals, savor the aromas of freshly baked goods, and discover handmade treasures. From colorful fruits and vegetables to intricate ceramics and leather goods, the variety and quality of products reflect the island’s diverse heritage and artisanal craftsmanship.
vegetables to intricate ceramics and leather goods, the variety and quality of products reflect the island’s diverse heritage and artisanal craftsmanship.
Mallorca’s markets are perfect for those looking to connect with the local culture. Engage with vendors who are eager to share the stories behind their products, and enjoy the lively banter that fills the air. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, the markets provide a delightful window into the island’s soul.

Don’t miss the chance to explore these enchanting marketplaces. Each visit promises new discoveries and unforgettable moments, making Mallorca’s markets a must-see for anyone wanting to experience the true essence of the island.


Every Sunday between 8am and 1:30pm, a market consisting of up to 300 stalls fills the streets of Pollensa in the oldest part of town. The heart of the market is found in Plaza Mayor, the main square, which then trickles into the surrounding side streets. Sweet artisan products are in abundance here with plenty of stalls selling ceramic bowls, wicker bags and home-made jewellery. It’s the ideal place for anyone looking to add a touch of Mallorca artwork to their home! The quaint aesthetic of Pollensa town makes this a lovely market to peruse, take your time and stop off at one of the pretty cafés that pepper the streets. Given it is a Sunday, the atmosphere is laid-back and the pace of those shopping is at a steady pace. However, as the day progresses crowds form and the narrow streets can feel tight, therefore the earlier you visit the better.


This is by far one of Mallorca’s biggest markets and best known for its leather goods. Hours easily drift by as you approach stall after stall of leather shoes, bags and jackets. Due to its size, this market covers all areas so visitors can start at a stall of leather belts and soon find themselves browsing flower pots and home-made soaps. The diversity in produce is extensive and this feeds into the vibrancy of the people that shop there. Inca is relied upon by many of the surrounding villages for its rich variety of goods and this is felt in the gatherings of people that socialise between stalls. Find the market in the main street of Gran Via Colom every Thursday between 8am – 1pm.  


Every Wednesday between 8am and 1pm, Sineu becomes a hot-spot for farmers and land owners on the island thanks to its agricultural and livestock market. Out of all the markets, Sineu is the most traditional and still to this day continues to sell animals. Stalls selling fresh fruits, plants and flowers can also be found in the mix, as well as clothes, jewellery and textiles. The main hub of the market takes place in the main square Plaza Des Fossar, where visitors will find the stalls scattered down surrounding streets. Definitely worth a visit for those interested in rural living on Mallorca and understanding local agriculture. Be prepared, you might come home with some lambs, goats or a donkey!

Most markets on Mallorca are well-connected and accessible by bus particularly if you are coming from Palma. Otherwise it is much easier to go by car which allows you the flexibility to stay for as long as you want – a simple two-hour market peruse might soon turn into half a day! Given that markets like Sineu and Santa María are in rural areas, do expect to find parking difficult (particularly in the summer months). 


Another Sunday market and definitely one to visit if you’re after a local farmer’s market. If you arrive on a “non-market” day, you would stumble across a sleepy Mallorcan village where local retirees play cards in the afternoon sun. However, when market day arrives in Santa María the whole village comes alive, attracting shoppers from the surrounding area. From 8am to 1pm, crowds descend on the little town to buy fruit, vegetables, flowers and small livestock. The main concentration of stalls is found in Plaza Nova where restaurants and cafés circle the exterior – perfect for taking a break for a morning coffee. Santa María market is recommended for those after organic produce and wine – the area is loved by wine-lovers for its variety of grape

Weekly Markets Schedule

  • Calvià – Lloret de Vistalegre – Manacor – Caimari – Montuïri
  • Alcúdia – Artà – Campanet – Porreres – Santa Margalida – Ca’n Pastilla
  • Andratx – Capdepera – Felanitx – Deià – Petra – Port de Pollensa – Santanyí – Selva – Sencelles – Sineu – Vilafranca de Bonany – Colònia de Sant Jordi (midday)
  • Ariany – Campos – s’Arenal – Consell – Inca – Pòrtol – Sant Llorenç de Cardassar – Ses Salines – Sant Joan – Lloseta
  • Algaida – Binissalem – Can Picafort – Llucmajor – Maria de la Salut – Pont d’Inca – Son Servera – Sa Cabaneta
  • Alaró – Búger – Bunyola – Cala Ratjada – Campos – Costitx
  • Esporles (first Saturday of the month) – Palma – Santanyí – Sóller
  • Santa Eugènia – Santa Margalida – Es Llombards – Mancor de la Vall
  • Alcúdia – Consell (Flea Market) – Felanitx – Llucmajor – Muro
  • Pollensa – Porto Cristo – Santa Maria del Camí – Valldemossa
  • Sa Pobla – Santa Ponça
Explore Mallorca's Second-Hand Markets
Numerous second-hand markets are also held in Mallorca. Visiting these local markets is a delightful experience for both children and adults, offering the chance to find beach items, family gifts, or enjoy freshly picked fruit.

Noteworthy Second-Hand Markets

  • Consell Market: Held every Sunday, this market is renowned for its extensive range of second-hand items.
  • Llucmajor Market: This market also features a section dedicated to second-hand goods.
  • Santa María del Camí Market: Another Sunday market offering a variety of second-hand products.
  • Inca Market: Held on Sundays, it includes a diverse range of second-hand items.
  • Poligono Son Bugadelles Market in Calvià: Takes place on Saturdays, offering a wide array of second-hand treasures.
  • “Baratillo” in Palma: Located on the Avenues, this market runs from April to October on Saturdays.

Established in 1306, this is the most authentic market on the island, and one of the few still selling live animals in Mallorca. For those who want to step back in time.

Best Markets in Mallorca
Market Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Palma (any)
Consell Flea Market            
S. Maria del Camí            

Discover the Best Markets in Mallorca

Almost every town in Mallorca hosts a weekly market on different days, providing ample opportunities to explore these vibrant marketplaces during your stay. To help you decide which ones to visit, we’ve curated a list of the nine best markets on the island, each offering a unique experience.

1. Palma Markets

Palma, the capital city, boasts a variety of markets catering to every kind of visitor. From street food markets and traditional indoor markets to those selling organic fruits, fresh fish, second-hand items, and arts & crafts, there’s something for everyone. Visit Mercat de l’Olivar for fresh produce or Mercat de Santa Catalina for a blend of traditional and modern market experiences.

2. Alcúdia Market
One of the largest markets in Mallorca, Alcúdia Market is set within the town’s ancient walls near the Roman ruins of Pol·lèntia. This market is perfect for history enthusiasts and offers a wide range of products from fresh produce to handcrafted goods.

3. Artá Market
Popular with both tourists and locals, Artá Market is famous for its tangy local olives and beautifully handcrafted ceramics. Held every Tuesday, this market provides a lively atmosphere and a chance to purchase unique souvenirs.

4. Consell Flea Market
Consell hosts the island’s largest flea market every Sunday. Here, locals sell vintage clothes, antiques, furniture, and an eclectic array of second-hand items. It’s a paradise for bargain hunters in search of hidden treasures.

5. Inca Market
Renowned for its handcrafted leather goods, Inca Market is the biggest in Mallorca. Every Thursday, visitors can browse a vast selection of shoes, bags, jackets, and other leather products, making it a must-visit for fashion enthusiasts.

6. Pollença Market
Held in the main square under the watchful eye of an 18th-century church, Pollença Market is ideal for a relaxed morning of shopping. After exploring the stalls, enjoy a ‘cortado’ at one of the many terraces in Plaça Major.

7. Santanyí Market
Nestled within the town’s narrow, winding streets, Santanyí Market offers a charming shopping experience. Get lost for hours browsing through a variety of stalls offering fresh produce, local crafts, and more.

8. Santa Maria del Camí Market
For health enthusiasts, Santa Maria del Camí Market is a top choice. Held every Sunday, this market boasts the greatest variety of organic produce sold directly by local farmers, ensuring fresh and chemical-free food options.

9. Sineu Market
Established in 1306, Sineu Market is one of the most authentic markets on the island. It’s one of the few that still sells live animals, providing a glimpse into Mallorca’s agricultural past. Held every Wednesday, this market offers a unique and historical shopping experience.

Visiting these markets will not only enhance your stay in Mallorca but also allow you to experience the island’s culture and traditions firsthand. Don’t miss the opportunity to explore these vibrant markets and find unique treasures to take home.

For more detailed information and recommendations, visit our Gastronomic Gateway.

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Discover the Best Markets in Palma de Mallorca

Palma, the vibrant capital of Mallorca, hosts an array of markets that cater to all tastes. From traditional food markets to modern gastro hubs, and from organic produce to arts and crafts, there’s a market in Palma for every kind of visitor.

Here are the top markets you should explore:

1. Olivar Market (Monday to Saturday)
The Mercat de l’Olivar is Palma’s largest indoor market, renowned for its top-quality food. Established in 1953, it offers a wide range of fresh fruits, vegetables, meat, and fish. The market also features a variety of bars and restaurants serving everything from traditional tapas to international cuisine.
  • Location: Plaça de l’Olivar, Palma
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM (3:00 PM on Fridays and Saturdays)
2. Santa Catalina Market (Monday to Saturday)
Situated in Palma’s gastronomic neighborhood, the Mercat de Santa Catalina is a traditional indoor market offering a colorful array of fresh produce, fish, meat, and handmade cheese. It also has specialty stalls like a rotisserie, sushi bars, and an oyster bar.
  • Location: Plaça de la Navegació, Palma
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 7:00 AM – 2:30 PM
3. Pere Garau Market (Monday to Saturday)
Located in Palma’s Pere Garau neighborhood, this indoor market is unique for its outdoor market on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, where you can even find live animals. Farmers and locals gather here to sell fresh produce and affordable clothing.
  • Location: Plaça Pere Garau, Palma
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, 6:00 AM – 2:00 PM
4. Llotja del Peix Fish Market (Monday to Saturday)
For the freshest seafood, head to the Llotja del Peix Fish Market early in the morning. The night’s catch, including mullet, prawns, sardines, and sea bass, is sold from around 6:00 AM by women with operatic voices at Es Moll de Pescadors.
  • Location: Moll de Pescadors, Palma
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Saturday, from 6:00 AM
5. San Juan Gastronomic Market (Every day)
San Juan Market offers a modern twist with its street-food vibe, featuring dozens of stalls serving international cuisines alongside local Mallorcan dishes. It’s a fantastic spot for foodies looking to sample a variety of culinary delights.
  • Location: Carrer de l’Emperadriu Eugènia, Palma
  • Opening Hours: Every day, 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM (2:00 AM on weekends)
6. Mercat 1930 (Every day)
Another gastronomic hotspot, Mercat 1930, offers a blend of local and international foods in a lively atmosphere. It’s perfect for enjoying tapas, Thai curries, sushi, and traditional vermouth bars.
  • Location: Avinguda de Gabriel Roca, Palma
  • Opening Hours: Every day, 12:00 PM – 12:00 AM (2:00 AM on weekends)
7. Mercat Artesanal Plaça Major (Seasonal)
This lively craft market on Plaça Major features numerous stalls selling arts and crafts. It’s an ideal place to spend a morning, with live music and open-air cafes providing a perfect spot for a sunny coffee break.
  • Location: Plaça Major, Palma
  • Opening Hours: Varies by season
8. Organic & Bio Market (Tuesday & Saturday)
Held every Tuesday and Saturday, the Mercat Eco de Palma caters to the growing demand for organic produce. Here, you can find a wide range of chemical-free fruits, vegetables, and other organic products.
  • Location: Plaça Bisbe Berenguer de Palou, Palma
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday and Saturday, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
9. Rastro Flea Market (Saturday)
A staple in Palma, the Rastro flea market takes place every Saturday morning. Although it’s now located in the industrial area of Son Fuster, it remains the best place to find second-hand items, from vintage clothes to antiques.
  • Location: Son Fuster, Palma
  • Opening Hours: Saturday, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Explore these markets to fully experience the rich culture and culinary delights of Palma de Mallorca. For more details, visit our Gastronomic Gateway
Market Days in Palma de Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Olivar 07:00-14:30      
Santa Catalina 07:00-17:00  
Pere Garau 06:00-14:30          
Fresh Fish Market 06:00-07:00  
San Juan 12:00-00:00    
Mercat 1930 13:00-00:00      
Plaça Major 10:00-14:00
Jul-Sep &
Easter / Xmas
Mar-Jun &
Organic & Bio 08:00-14:00          
Rastro 08:00-14:00            

Discover the Authentic Markets in Central Mallorca

The heart of Mallorca is where the island’s traditional spirit thrives, and the best traditional markets are found here. If you seek an authentic Mallorcan market experience, central Mallorca is the place to be. From Sineu to Inca and Consell, these markets offer a glimpse into the island’s vibrant culture.

Best Markets in Central Mallorca

1. Consell Flea Market (Sunday)
The small town of Consell hosts Mallorca’s largest flea market every Sunday. This market offers a vast array of goods, including second-hand clothes, toys, furniture, jewelry, antiques, and an eclectic selection of bric-a-brac.
  • Location:  Consell, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Sunday, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
2. Inca Market (Thursday)

Inca Market, held every Thursday, is the largest on the island. Located halfway between Palma and Alcúdia, it features everything from fresh fruits and vegetables to olives, olive oil, leather goods, jewelry, clothes, gifts, and souvenirs. This market offers a more authentic Spanish experience, as it is less touristy.

  • Location: Inca, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Thursday, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
3. Santa Maria del Camí Market (Sunday)
Just north of Palma, Santa Maria del Camí hosts a large market every Sunday. It’s popular for its diverse offerings, combining a flea market with fresh fruits and vegetables. You’ll also find local produce and a small organic section.
  • Location: Santa Maria del Camí, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Sunday, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
4. Sineu Market (Wednesday)
Sineu Market is a wonderfully authentic market held every Wednesday in the rural town of Sineu. Alongside stalls selling fruits, vegetables, and local produce, there is a livestock market where farm animals are bought and sold, offering a unique glimpse into traditional Mallorcan life.
  • Location: Sineu, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday, 8:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Experience the True Spirit of Mallorca

The markets in central Mallorca provide a rich, authentic experience. From live animals to local produce, these markets are perfect for mingling with locals and immersing yourself in the island’s culture. Don’t be surprised if you see live chickens running around the stalls!

For more information on these markets and to plan your visit, check out our Gastronomic Gateway

Markets Days in Central Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Algaida 08:00-14:00            
Binissalem 08:00-14:00            
Consell 08:00-14:00          
Costitx 08:00-13:00            
Felanitx 08:00-13:00            
Inca 08:00-14:00            
Lloseta 08:00-13:00            
Llubí 09:00-13:00            
Manacor 09:00-13:00            
Montuïri 08:00-13:00            
Muro 09:00-14:30            
Porreres 08:00-13:00            
Sa Pobla 09:00-13:00            
Sant Joan 08:00-14:00            
S. Margalida 09:00-13:00            
S. Maria del Cami 09:00-14:00            
Sencelles 08:00-14:00            
Sineu 08:00-13:30            
Vilafranca de Bonany 08:00-14:00            

Discover the Best Markets in North Mallorca

The north of Mallorca is renowned for its stunning beaches and breathtaking mountain scenery. This area hosts vibrant weekly markets in both tourist resorts and picturesque towns. If you’re looking to explore the best markets in North Mallorca, here are our top recommendations:
1. Alcúdia Market (Tuesday & Sunday)
The walled town of Alcúdia, located just a few kilometers from the beach resorts of Port d’Alcúdia, hosts an impressive market on Tuesdays and Sundays. This market provides a perfect day out, offering visitors the chance to explore the town’s ancient walls, cobbled streets, and traditional squares while shopping for local goods.
  • Location: Alcúdia, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday and Sunday, 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM
2. Pollença Market (Sunday)
A short distance from the family-favorite holiday town of Port de Pollença lies the historic town of Pollença. Every Sunday morning, Pollença hosts a market featuring arts & crafts, local produce, and various nick-nacks. The market square is a fantastic place to relax with a cup of coffee, enjoy live music, and soak up the vibrant atmosphere.
  • Location: Pollença, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Sunday, 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Experience More Markets in North Mallorca

The markets in North Mallorca offer a delightful mix of local culture, fresh produce, and handmade crafts. Here’s a quick summary of other popular markets in the region:

  • Port de Pollença Market (Wednesday): Located close to the beach, this market is perfect for combining a shopping trip with a relaxing day by the sea.
  •  Can Picafort Market (Friday): A bustling market in a popular resort town, offering a wide range of goods from fresh produce to souvenirs.
  • Sa Pobla Market (Sunday): Known for its local produce, this market is a great spot to find fresh fruits and vegetables.
Visiting these markets is a wonderful way to experience the local culture and discover unique products. For more details on these markets and others across the island, visit our Gastronomic Gateway
Market Days in South Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Campos 09:00-13:00          
Llucmajor 08:00-13:00          
Santanyí 09:00-14:00          
Ses Salines 08:00-14:30            

Discover the Best Markets in East Mallorca

East Mallorca offers a variety of charming markets that are perfect for experiencing local culture, finding unique goods, and enjoying fresh produce. Here are the top markets in East Mallorca that you should explore:
1. Santa Maria del Camí Market (Sunday)
Santa Maria del Camí, located just off the motorway north of Palma, hosts a large market every Sunday. This popular market combines elements of a flea market with fresh fruits and vegetables, and also offers a wide range of local produce from the area. Additionally, there is a small section dedicated to organic products.
  • Location: Santa Maria del Camí, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Sunday, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
2. Artá Market (Tuesday)
Artá Market is one of the most charming markets in Mallorca, attracting both locals and tourists. Held every Tuesday, the market offers arts & crafts, local produce, clothes, flowers, homeware, and jewelry. It’s especially lively during the high season from April to October, often featuring live music. A visit to the market can be combined with a trip to the famous local caves for a fun day out.
  • Location: Artá, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday, 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Experience More Markets in East Mallorca

The markets in East Mallorca provide a rich variety of goods and a delightful cultural experience. Here’s a quick summary of other popular markets in the region:

  • Capdepera Market (Wednesday): Known for its artisan crafts and fresh local produce.
  • Son Servera Market (Friday): A vibrant market offering a wide range of products from food to handmade goods.
  • Cala Ratjada Market (Saturday): Located in a beautiful coastal town, perfect for combining shopping with a beach day.
  • Felanitx Market (Sunday): Offers a mix of fresh produce, crafts, and local specialties.
Exploring these markets is a great way to immerse yourself in the local culture, find unique items, and enjoy the best of what East Mallorca has to offer. For more information on these and other markets, visit our Gastronomic Gateway
Markets Days in Central Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Artá 09:00-13:30            
Cala Ratjada 08:00-13:00            
Capdepera 07:00-13:00            
Porto Cristo 09:00-14:00            
Portocolom 09:00-14:00          
Sant Llorenç 09:00-13:00            

Discover the Best Markets in West Mallorca

Western Mallorca, known for its wild and rugged landscapes, offers authentic weekly markets in picturesque villages perched atop cliffs or nestled at the foot of the Tramuntana mountains. This area is also a hotspot for celebrities, so you might even spot a famous face while exploring the local markets. Here are our top picks for markets in West Mallorca:
1. Andratx Market (Wednesday)
Andratx, located in the southwest of Mallorca, hosts a charming market every Wednesday. This market offers a wide range of products, including flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, leather goods, footwear, and clothing. It’s an ideal spot for picking up holiday souvenirs while enjoying the picturesque town.
  • Location: Andratx, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Wednesday, 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM
2. Sóller Market (Saturday)
Sóller, a popular town in the west of the island, holds its market on Saturday mornings, attracting visitors from all over Mallorca. This market is perfect for a day trip, with plenty to see and do in Sóller and the nearby Port de Sóller, which are connected by a traditional tram. You’ll find leather goods, the famous Mallorcan straw bags, fruits, vegetables, and local produce. Don’t miss out on Sóller’s renowned local orange preserve.
  • Location: Sóller, Mallorca
  • Opening Hours: Saturday, 8:00 AM – 1:30 PM

Experience More Markets in West Mallorca

For those craving more market adventures, here’s a summary of other popular markets in West Mallorca:
  • Deià Market (Wednesday): Located in a quaint mountain village, this market offers local crafts and produce.
  • Esporles Market (Saturday): Known for its local produce and crafts, set in a beautiful mountain town.
  • Valldemossa Market (Sunday): Held in one of the most picturesque villages on the island, offering a variety of local goods and crafts.
Exploring these markets is a fantastic way to experience the local culture and discover unique products. For more detailed information on these and other markets across the island, visit our Gastronomic Gateway
Market Days in West Mallorca
Market Hours Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa Su
Alaró 09:00-13:00            
Andratx 08:00-13:00            
Caimari 08:00-13:00            
Calvià 08:30-13:00            
Deia 08:00-13:00            
Esporles 08:00-13:00            
Peguera 08:30-13:00            
Port de Sóller 08:00-13:00            
Puigpunyent 08:00-13:00            
Santa Ponça 08:30-13:00            
Selva 08:00-13:00            
Sóller 08:00-14:00            
Valldemossa 08:00-14:00            

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